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About us:-

Human Ability Development Organization is working to Developing & Improving tools which are use full to build up basic powers of Brain Capacity. We are working in this field since 2007 and registered under Farms & Society act 1973. We have highly qualified team of Psychologist who are the key recourses of our development programs.

Our Vision:-

Bring out each and every child's innate power and potential. Every child has right to grow rich and become genius, to help them to become successful student.

Our Mission:-

Develop more intellectual, strong, creative and advanced society by developing more intellectual, creative, strong and dedicated child because as we know "Today's child is tomorrow's future."

Our Goals:-

Develop and grow each child in physical, mental, and intellectual aspect, so they can use their intelligence and use their maximum physical and mental power to achieve their goal.

Our Dream:-

Create world's largest Meditative Genius Society through our Brain Ability Development Programs.

Our Courses

    Mid Brain Activation Program

  • Basic Course - Activation (Blindfold Development)
  • Advance Course - Enhancement(By using intuition Power)

    Smart Student Development Course

  • Comprehensive Speed Reading Course
  • Advance Memory Course

    Skill Development Course

  • Personality Development
  • Speaking Skill Development
  • Study Skill Development


  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence is use for Study and analysis of your distinct finger prints.
  • Our Future Programs
  • Brain Development Program for Adults.
  • Stress Management Program.


  • Health - Addictions / Lose Weight / Depression / Insomnia / Pain & Healing
  • Mind Management - Success / Confidence / Persuasion / Attitude

About Brain Ability Development

Brain Ability Development is very Scientific technique to bring out innate potential of child and helping him to grow up intelligent and become genius. Brain Ability Development training is a method of balancing the right and left hemisphere of cerebrum, activation of midbrain through Meditation and Super Sensory Perception through the touch, hearing and smelling senses. Through this training, child may able to use his both brain to optimum result in improvement in Memory, Concentration, Intuition, Learning skill, Emotional Control, Mental Peace, Well-being and good Physical & Mental health. Child may also able to read, write or draw with blindfold by using Super Sensory Perception.


  • Super Sensory Development Child can read, write, draw, coloring, playing games and riding vehicles with blind folds. Child can do all the things blind folded which a normal person can do with eyes.
  • Improvement in study It improves concentration, memory, learning capacity and confidence level.
  • Success in life It enriches intuition power, creativity, talents, confidence and emotional stability
  • Better Health Child can experience good physical and mental health and good mood, peace, pleasure, freshness and sound sleep. So, this is excellent technique to bring out inner potential of child Age between 6 to 14 years.

  • Organization should be working in the field of Brain Development since 2007.
  • Vast Experience of BRAIN POWER DEVELOPMENT.
  • Whole training Session is design under guidance of experts.
  • Whenever you require guidance, our experts are available 24 x 7
  • Full Marketing Guidance.
  • Business Opportunity for Brain Ability Development Activation Program

    We offer business opportunity for interested and enthusiastic person for a centre or a city or a state all over India.
    Brain Ability Development program for children is most modern and scientific technique to active child’s brain and bring out his innate potential. By this program child can use his brain maximum.
    Brain Ability Development is a technique of balancing Left and Right Brain, Super Sensory Perception and Maximum usability of brain by simple Exercise, Meditation, Fun, Techniques and Practices.


    • Basic Course - Activation(Blindfold Development)
    • Advance Course - Enhancement(By using intuition Power)

    • Best wishes for the great opportunity...


    CENTER HEAD OFFICE – MID BRAIN ACTIVATION CENTER-#17 Institutional Area, Vikas Marg Extension, Karkardooma. Landmark:Opp to Hargovind Bus Stop, Delhi
    Contact Number- +91-9479829933, 9713009121

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